The decomposing of Earth's rocks, soil and mineral through direct contact with the planets atmosphere.  There is two groups of weathering physical and chemical. In those two groups combined there is 11 types of weathering. They are thermal expansion, frost disintegration, hydration, oxidation, biological, pressure release, hydraulic action, hydrolysis, silicate, biological weathering, salt crystal growth (haloclasty),and dissolution.

Physical Weathering

Is the only weathering that breaks rocks apart without anything chemical.It also goes hand in hand with chemical weathering because it will break down rocks and then the other weathering will do the other part of the rock. the primary process is abrasion. There is 6 types of physical weathering. They are thermal expansion, frost disintegration, pressure release, hydraulic action, salt crystal growth (haloclasty),and biological weathering.  

Chemical Weathering                                 

This is where chemicals get to work. This is where the chemicals disintegrate the rock, soil and minerals. This is done by different chemicals and water that creates a acid which can break down the material. The process is gradual and slow.